ANFRAY & ANFRAY is a contemporary jewellery brand established 2013 by Alena Anfray.

The duality expressed in the repetition of the name is crucial to the designs and echoes the concept behind the debut collection, INSEPARABLE, which consists of signature rings made of two overlapping parts.

Our jewellery is handcrafted in France at the best workshops.

“I like to gently play with the codes which are traditionally linked to fine jewellery. I like contrasts.

It´s laid back luxury. You see that it’s a luxury good but in a gentle and subtle way so that you can wear it with jeans but also with a nice evening gown or dress. It’s implicit. It’s not something that is flashy or apparent.

And this is luxury without a human cost as the brand uses responsibly sourced gold and silver as well as conflict-free

Schön! Magazine, September 2014